Highlight of the Month

Highlight of the Month

Have you read the article about Dickson in the latest Buddhist Compassion? It is about how the road to Dickson Yoga.

When Dickson was 15, he started to work in a fast food shop everyday after school. In spite of that, Dickson still have to finish his homework before he went to sleep. Whenever Dickson felt tired, he would hang himself on bed and stretch himself, or do meditation. His interests towards Yoga was greatly intensified, and with his strong perseverance, his dream of Yoga Centre has been pursued. With his natural talent and passion to Yoga, Dickson successfully created Hanuman and Flying Yoga.

Dickson Yoga in 2003 was still a small to medium size Yoga house. Thanks to all the challenges and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, Dickson Yoga has expanded to an all-rounded Yoga Centre, ranging from a large variety of Yoga classes, Beauty and Spa Centre and our own Vegetarian Kitchen.

Master Dickson

Chairman and Chief Master of
Hong Kong Yoga Association

Experienced Instructor Jessica

has taught yoga and taekwondo for over 13 years.

Dickson Yoga Environment

Dickson Yoga is over 20,000 sq. feet, bringing you a superb relaxing experience, excelling in spaciousness, ambiance, and in both hard and soft facilities. Here we offer big variety of classes including Flying Yoga, Hanuman Wall yoga, well equipped changing rooms, professional massage and facial rooms, ample resting areas for chit chatting, relaxing, dinning or just loafing around. Unique features include a full fledged Fusion Vegetarian Kitchen, a 35m long Hanuman Avenue for mysore inversion practice, Far-Infra Red Sauna, Reverse Osmosis Alkaline drinking water, soft water shower and foot massage services. Why don't you come and have a taste of yoga life at Dickson Yoga.

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