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The First Mega Fund-Raising Event in Hong Kong

"FITMIND is Attitude" campaign 2014 organized by Early Psychosis Foundation will be held on coming Sunday 6th April. This event aims to spread out the important message that Yoga is not only good for for physical fitness but beneficial to our mental well being too, especially to patients diagnosed with early psychosis.

The most renowned & representative yoga instructors in HK and celebrities are invited to join this event. Master Dickson will show up for sure! Instructors will not only co-teach Yoga on stage, but also blend in with participants and share yoga vibe & fun! Don’t hesitate! If are interested, you can enroll via us. Do come for charity, for spiritual rejuvenation, and for fun! yoga!!

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Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, of over 20,000 sq ft is equipped with sauna, steam, spa, nail, massage & facial facilities.
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Dickson Lau Master Dickson is the Chairman and Chief Master of Hong Kong Yoga Association.
Experienced Instructor Jessica
Experienced Instructor Jessica Jessica is one of the most experienced and popular instructors under Dickson. She has taught yoga and taekwondo for over 13 years.
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