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Highlight of the Month

Wanna upgrade your yoga knowledge and skills? Let's start with Yoga Instructor Certificate Programme and ENROL TODAY! Our training programme has the strongest international recognition, widest worldwide connection, the most flexible class schedule, and the best teaching substance! We also provide job opportunities for graduates! Why hesitate? Seize the chance to learn from the Grand Master Dickson, quality guaranteed!

Master Dickson

Chairman and Chief Master of
Hong Kong Yoga Association

Experienced Instructor Jessica

has taught yoga and taekwondo for over 13 years.

Dickson Yoga Environment

Dickson Yoga is almost 20,000 sq. feet, bringing you a major update in magnitude, ambience, hard and soft facilities. Bigger classrooms, better equipped changing rooms, more massage and beauty rooms, ample resting areas for chit chatting, relaxing, dinning or just loafing around are available now. We have brought you a series of features, which include SPA, Facial Treatment and Massage, Hanuman Avenue, Sauna / Steam / Far-Infra Red Room, Changing Room, and Vegetarian Kitchen.

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