Yoga Instructor 200/50/800 Hours Certificate

Yoga Alliance Internationally Recognized Yoga Coach Certificated Course
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Hong Kong Yoga Association has been established for over 25 years with yoga society alliances all over the world, and therefore our 200, 500 & 800 hours Yoga Instructor Training Programs has the strongest local and international recognition.

This program has set a lot of trends,

  • only school to provide 200, 500 & 800 hours continual training, helping students to become top instructors step by step;
  • first to introduce flexi-attendance hours, allowing students to determine their own learning pace based on level and needs,
  • first in market to launch a career support programme, enabling graduates to use the HK Yoga Association brand as backup to launch their yoga classes within shortest time frame, with minimal funds and at lowest risk;
  • arrange the most exchange programmes, local and abroad, reaching out the world together with our students.

Yoga Instructor Training & Certificate Program – Hosted By Hong Kong Yoga Association


Students who have previously attained the Elementary and Intermediate Teacher Training Certificate from HK Yoga Association can upgrade to HKYA-ACI® 200 (HKYA-Associate Certified Instructor - 200 hrs) and HKYA-ACIA® 500 (HKYA-Associate Certified Instructor - Advanced level 500) by completing the required hours with us. Those already with Yoga Alliance RYT-200 or equivalent qualifications are eligible for enrolling into our HKYA-ACIA® 500 program and then the HKYA-ACIE® 800 program.

Hong Kong Yoga Association Yoga Instructor Training Program has run for over 12 years. Over the years we have trained hundreds of instructors, with excellent track record. Many graduates have become professional yoga teachers working in big yoga or fitness centres or teaching free lance. Some even set up their own yoga studios. With increasing links to the international yoga community these recent years, the program is now even more widely acknowledged and recognized.

Course Features

  • Taught by Chairman and Chief Master Dickson Lau.
  • Program runs on a recurring basis. Students can flexibly choose class time and study at their own pace.
  • Granted exclusive recognition by Yoga Alliance International in China and Hong Kong region.
  • Awarded with an internationally recognized certificate by HK Yoga Association.
  • Through us, can also apply the Yoga Alliance International Certificate or register as Certified Instructors with our alliance yoga institutions. (a certificate fee or registration fee will be charged).

Course Dates

  • Program runs continuously on a recurring basis and students complete the program by accumulating hours. You can enrol and start any time you like. The 50 Hours - Yoga Philosophy Workshop I, II and III which forms part of the program runs regularly. Exact dates will be posted on HK Yoga Association & Dickson Yoga website. Those who have already enrolled into the HKYA-ACI® 200 and HKYA-ACIA® 500 program can register to participate. If you have missed the first one, you can join the next.
  • Next HKYA-ACI® 200 Yoga Philosophy I Workshop
    Date: Programme launched every 2-3 month. Please ask our staffs for next course date.
    Every Monday, Thursday 8:00 - 10:30 pm and Sunday 7:00 - 9:30 pm
    Participants Limit: 40, Register Now!
  • Next HKYA-ACIA®500 Yoga Philosophy II Workshop
    Date: Programme launched every 6 month. Please ask our staffs for next course date.
    Every Monday, Thursday 8:00 - 10:30 pm and Sunday 7:00 - 9:30 pm
    Participants Limit: 40, Register Now!
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